Over the course of many years, Jerimy and I built a relationship depicted in sound and image. I take on the role of observer, documentarian, friend, therapist, house guest, instigator, social scientist, mother and fetishist. Jerimy takes on the role of performer, object of desire, interlocutor, storyteller, muse, and informant. Our relationship forms the narrative of this feature length film. More than just immersing myself in the daily experience of his life, I wanted to make something that represented the peculiar power relationship between subject and documenter, by looking at the ways that I provoked, empowered and exploit my ‘subject’. The work reveals myself as an artist that knowingly glorifies and fetishizes her subject’s sexuality and youthful vitality, as well as a documentary that publicly teeters on the line between pleasure and suffering, lust and adoration, friendship and fascism. 


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